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A Safe and Friendly School Environment


Star Estill is in 7th grade here at Mt Solo and today, April 20, 2017, she gave a heart-felt message to fellow students.  This message reflected on the importance of creating a safe and friendly school environment for all students.

“Today marks 18 years since the events that occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  Many lessons have been learned since that terrible day; here are 2 things we all need to do:

  1. Show respect for others. Each and every person at Mt Solo deserves to be respected and safe at school. Even if someone has different beliefs, or looks a certain way, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and respectfully.
  2. If someone you know is thinking about harming themselves, or others, don’t just sit back-TELL AN ADULT RIGHT AWAY!”

Star’s reason for presenting this message is because she wants everyone to feel safe, to be treated respectfully, to get help from others when they need it, and for everyone to feel appreciated.  We as a staff also wish this for everyone on our campus.  Please feel free to call our office at (360) 577-2800 if your student would benefit from talking to a counselor.

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