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Mt Solo Newsletter

A Note from Your Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians-

Please note the following information and updates.

iReady Testing Update

We have completed our building wide winter iReady reading and math assessments. We use this information to track growth and plan instruction. Overall, our students did an incredible job showing growth. Typical growth scores for half way through the school year are at 50%. Our 8th grade students scored 83% growth in their reading skills outpacing the 6th and 7th graders for the first half of the year. In math, our 6th grade students were the top of our school for growth with an 84% score. We also have a number of students that scored at or above the 90th percentile nationally. Families of these students will be receiving a congratulations letter and a score report to review. Achievement and growth certificates for students who are performing above grade level will be handed out and going home next week. We are proud of our students and look forward to student growth to continue for the second half of the school year.

Don’t Forget to Cast your Vote by the February 13 Deadline

I want to take this moment to remind you that the voting period for the February 13th Replacement Education Programs and Operations Levy is now open. It is important that everyone takes the opportunity to vote if you haven't already.

Please remember, this levy does not propose new or higher taxes; rather, it represents a slight decrease in the total amount of local school taxes collected compared to previous years. For further details, I encourage you to visit our school district's website at

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)…State Funding Update

Mt. Solo qualifies and receives state funding to support students in need of help in reading, math and behavior. This year we have added LAP classes to support students that need help with their foundational reading skills.  Our students that participated in LAP classes last fall have shown a great deal of growth. Our LAP teacher is Mrs. Forsman who came to us from Robert Gray. She has an extensive background and knowledge in how to teach reading and writing skills. She is also currently serving as our librarian and supports reading and literacy building wide. We are lucky to have her on our teaching team.

Sincerely-Mr. Jay Opgrande, Principal

Welcome to Mt Solo

Wednesday Advisory Dates and Topics

September 6      Asking for Help

September 13    Making Space

September 27th Growth Mindset

October 4th         Disrupting Class

October 11th       Active Listening

October 18th       Appreciating Diversity

November 1st     Gratitude

November 15th  Expressing Thanks

December 6th     BFF

January 10th        Electronic Detox

January 17th        Kindness

February 21st      Grades

February 28th     Setting Goals

March 6th            Anxiety

March 13th          Responding to Others

March 20th          Breathing

April 10th             Self-Confident

April 24th             Disagreeing Respectfully

The Solo Star-this is our student newsletter

Music Department Schedule and News

  • Winter Band Concert Thursday, Dec 7 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • Winter Orchestra/Drumline Concert Tuesday, Dec 12 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • Winter Choir Concert December 14 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • Solo & Ensemble Fest (Optional/Extra Credit) Saturday, Feb 3 (Chehalis or Kelso TBA)
  • Choir Solo & Ensemble Fest (Optional) Saturday, February 10 (Kelso HS)
  • March Band Festival March 12 (Int. & Adv Band, at Mt. Solo, during the school day)
  • March Orchestra/Drumline Concert Wednesday, March 13  (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done 7:30, Mt. Solo Gym)
  • Choir Festival March 14 (All day with place to be determined)
  • March Band Concert Tuesday, March 19 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • March Orchestra Festival Wed, March 20 (Adv Orch, at LCC, during school day)
  • Choir Concert with RAL/Mt. Solo/Monticello March 26 (Arrive 6:30 for rehearsal with other schools, start at 7:30pm, done around 8:30pm)
  • Wild Waves Trip (Int/Adv Bands+Orchestra) Sat May 25 (Memorial Day weekend)
  • June Band Concert Tuesday, June 4 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • Spring Choir Concert June 10 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)
  • June Orchestra/Drumline Concert Tuesday, June 11 (Arrive 6pm, starts 6:30, done around 7:30, in Mt. Solo Gym)

Mt Solo Before and After Clubs

  • Minecraft Club takes place on Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:45
  • Drumline Club takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 7:55
  • Art Club starts Friday, January 12th.  See below for schedule and registration information!
  • Running/Walking Club starts week of January 4th, click here for information and permission slip. For the week of Monday, March 25th, the club will meet Monday and Thursday.
Mt Solo Art Club Schedule and Registration Information
Mt Solo Students Drumming
Mt Solo Students Drumming

Mt Solo Sports News

Running Club  -Week of Monday, June 10th: Tuesday after school until 3:45 pm,  and Wednesday after school until 3:00 pm.



Mt Solo Science and CTE

Mt Solo Science!

Science! Today our 6th Grade Science Classes are learning to make a LouVee Car- teaching them about physics. Our 7th and 8th Grade CTE Classes are learning to code, build simple machines, and will soon be competing in an Acorn Stash Challenge in just a few days! They will be competing using their simple machines.

Mt Solo 6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science

Mt Solo CTE

7th and 8th Grade CTE

Mt Solo CTE Students

Mt Solo CTE

7th and 8th Grade CTE

Mt Solo CTE Students

Good News!

Our Pink Out Event enabled Mt Solo to donate $1,500 to the Lower Columbia Regional Cancer Center. On Tuesday, November 21st, Mrs. Anne Johnson delivered the $1,500 check to the St. John's Foundation, and as an added bonus, this day was a Gift Matching Tuesday! The Diamond Showcase matched our funds, so instead of $1,500, we were able to bring in $3,000!

Pink Out Event Mrs. Reed
Mt Solo Pink Out Event Group of Girls